Kickstart these new movies by Michael McCallum!


In case you haven’t heard, local movie mogul Michael McCallum (say that 10 times fast!) has two projects in the works.


Two For the Show and Confidence of a Tall Man are the ninth and tenth releases from McCallum and his production company Rebel Pictures.  McCallum uses local actors and locations for his shoots, staying in Michigan intentionally, and says he has no plans to move outside of Lansing at this point.

But in order to continue producing his award winning films (the company has claimed more than 60 awards on the Indie Film Festival circuit) he needs support from financial backers.

To this end he has created a Kickstarter campaign, now in its half way point.  With 11 days to go, he still needs to raise a good chunk of change to get these new shorts up and running.

While this sounds like a big deal – and it is – it’s actually quite affordable for those backing the works.  As little as $10.00 makes you a supporter of this Lansing film production, and makes you part of the support team that will carry this project through.

Please consider donating to his campaign, which you can find here:


or on his company website:


Buffalo |Indie Film Review

Indigo Indie

“Shaken by the sudden death of his ex-wife, Roger steals a cab from his job and sets out to find the son he hasn’t seen in more than thirty years.”

A very riveting and emotional film, “Buffalo” tells the story of a cab driver named Roger whose terminal illness and ex-wives sudden death causes him to abandon his lonely life to search out for his son who he hasn’t seen for decades.

buffalo 6

‘Buffalo’ starts out with getting the audience acquainted with Roger himself and his terminal diagnosis as well as his day to day life as a taxi driver & hobbies. From there the story slowly grows into a very a emotional rollercoaster with new characters being introduced, death of his ex wife and his own personal revelations that he has to seek out all the while helping others on his last big journey.

buffalo 5

The indie film does…

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Buffalo |Indie Film Review

Source: Buffalo |Indie Film Review

Blues Fest 2015

Well if you haven’t made it down to Old Town yet, you’d best be getting down here!

Blues Fest 2015 is well on its way and in full swing RIGHT NOW.




Weekend Report: Art & Craft BeerFest

Get out to REO Town tonight for the Art & Craft BeerFest!  Tonight at 6pm the fun will start, with a two day festival that features over 30 beers in three REO locations, offerings from Traverse City’s Right Brain Brewing Co., bands, artists and much revelry!  For full information about the festival, see their website



and visit the Right Brain Brewing Co


The Sea Gull

Hey Lansing, opening tonight at the Riverwalk Theatre is Anton Chekov’s The Sea Gull.  Continue reading

food for thought

“You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.”


Wonderland of Lights & Willow the Wonder Moose!

Get out to Potter Park Zoo for the Wonderland of Lights!!!

…and check out the new “Willow Project” which begins TODAY!  (hint: it’s a feel good, snuggly kind of thing and can help you with your Christmas gift list as well!!)

Willow the moose

Missing in Action? Only slightly…

Due to technical issues such as my computer crashing, Luv Lansing is partially in hiatus.

Regularly scheduled blogs are temporarily suspended for now.

In the meantime, please check the tabs at the top of the page.  Music Scene gives you the websites for many local bars and will enable you to see the schedules for upcoming events and bands that you might not want to miss.

Also check the sidebar, where you will find links to the Wharton Center, Downtown Lansing events calendar, and Old Town events as well.

The Luv Lansing calendar is updated whenever possible, so check back on that link as well.

It is only a temporary situation, and I will post when able.  Thank you for your patience!

What’s up at Silver Bells?


Get the scoop on what will be happening at Silver Bells in the City!