MAD Monday~ The Grateful UnDead!

MAD Monday!

Zombies are pretty in right now, if you hadn’t noticed.

Loads of good shows and movies about the creepy critters right now, and luckily for you, in about two weeks you can participate in all the zombie mayhem.

Lansing’s annual “Zombie Walk” is scheduled to happen October 11; so gather your friends together and start planning out your craziest outfits now.  Click below to see some fun zombies captured by Tammy Sue Ellen Photography…


photo via tammysueallenphotography


The Zombie Walk benefits the Greater Lansing Food Bank, so milling about in your best monster costume will actually help get food to people in Lansing who are in need.   Check out the write up’s for the previous two years by clicking this link to the State News   and by clicking the image below …


image from the State News


Write up from the Lansing State Journal last week…


LSJ captures zombies at the Capitol

The Grateful UnDead

Zombie Walks are popping up all over

and aren’t just occurring in Lansing, in case some of you are worried that the greater area has run amok with horror loving weirdos.


  • Detroit’s Zombie Walk is also a charitable walk for hunger, which you can participate in the day after Lansing’s!



  • Flint has a charitable Zombie Walk October 4th, so you can do that one as well!



  • Jackson’s Zombie Walk is taking place on the 11th of October

check this image out on

  •  atlantic-city-zombie-walk-10-19-2013-smallIn 2013 Atlantic City hosted a zombie walk in part to support their local Humane Society chapter







  • Vancouver’s Zombie Walk seems to be rather huge and already happened, though whether it benefits anyone I don’t know…still, looks like loads of people having themselves some good fun…and so many other cities participating.  If this is your thing, you really need to get a Winnebago and just travel around for the month of October!

By Kenny Louie from Vancouver, Canada (Mmmmmaphr Uploaded by russavia) [CC-BY-2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons








Weekend Report ~ Buffalo!

Starting this Sunday – the 21st – you can catch the new release from   Rebel Pictures   “Buffalo” which is playing at Celebration Cinemas throughout the week.

buff 2



Director Michael McCallum has many hats to wear: writer, editor, director and smoldering leading man just to name a few.  A local boy, McCallum is a Lansing native who takes pride in this area and continues to film and produce movies that are Michigan based.  His films have garnered rave reviews and earned him a hefty handful of awards, and have been shown in over 80 film festivals nationally and internationally.

His latest offering  Buffalo  deals with a man struggling with the death of his wife, and confronting his own personal demons in the form of a terminal illness.  When he decides he must reunite with the son he hasn’t seen in thirty years, it seems that nothing will stop him…

Get your tickets early for the following showings by clicking the link below, showtimes listed underneath are as of 9/18/14 but tickets sell out quickly, so get yours now!

buff 1

Show times:
Sept. 21st-Sunday-7pm-Opening Night!
Sept. 22nd-Monday-12noon, 3:30pm, 7pm
Sept. 23rd-Tuesday-12noon, 3:30pm, 7pm
Sept. 24th-Wednesday-12noon, 3:30pm, 7pm
Sept. 25th-Thursday-X
Sept. 26th-Friday-12noon, 3:30pm, 7pm
Sept. 27th-Saturday-12noon, 3:30pm, 7pm
Sept. 28th-Sunday-12noon, 3:30pm, 7pm

Weekend Report: Blues Fest!

Get yourself ready for the Blues Fest coming up this weekend!

blues  This FREE event is Friday and Saturday and held in the streets of Old Town. The Blues Fest has been grooving strong in one form or another since 1994 and is one of the most anticipated festivals in Lansing.  Great music, great atmosphere, plus food and merchandise vendors make this a weekend event you won’t want to miss.  Hopefully the weather will cooperate!

Click the image for information …

MAD Monday: get them reading!

Make a Difference any time, not just on a Monday!  ;)

Next time you are out shopping at Barnes & Noble or Schuler’s Bookstore, or anywhere else you can pick up books, grab a few extra kids’ books.  Little chapter books that are popular, favorite oldies like Little House on the Prairie, mystery series like the Hardy Boys or a Series of Unfortunate Events; snag a few of these inexpensive items and donate them as you leave the store.  Most of our local bookstores have a ‘bin’ you can toss your purchases in, and these items are given to the Capital Area Literacy Coalition – also known as The Reading People.


The Reading People help children learn to read and write, but they also help adults as well.  Adult illiteracy is not uncommon, and The Reading People assist greatly in helping all their students achieve success.  You can help out by donating books through the channels listed above, or directly to The Reading People.

For more information on donating AND helping…check out their website by clicking the image above…


Weekend Report: Tejano Music Fest!

Don’t worry, the Tejano/Latino Music Festival only just started a little while ago, and will keep on playing through the night tonight until midnight!  So there is still plenty of time to get on down to Old Town and have some cool evening fun!



Can’t make it tonight?  No worries…the festival continues all day Saturday, from noon till midnight!  Come have some fun, enjoy the great music and the cool weather, and stroll through the vendor area while sipping some beer!  See you there!


Weekend Report: Dragon boats


Time for the Dragon Boat Races, this weekend at the Adado Riverfront Park!


Teams will be practicing all day Saturday, starting at 10:30 AM, and you can stop by and watch.  Sunday’s races and competitions begin at 8:30 in the morning!  whew!  Fun activities for the kids, and food trucks around all day, so stop by and check it out!  Click the poster above for info on their website.

dragon boats


The Bridal Show is this weekend at the Lansing Center.







And take the little ones to Hawk Island on Saturday for the “Touch a Truck” educational event

MAD Monday; #NoKidHungry twEAT OUT

Today’s MAD Monday volunteer event is a two parter, and both parts are equally easy and awesome.

September is the month of the No Kid Hungry campaign.  Restaurants all around America are participating to end childhood hunger, and you can too. There are multiple levels of involvement, from becoming actively involved in your local community to just enjoying a nice meal out on the town during September.

Click below to read a bit about the restaurants and partners in this program and how they are working to stamp out hunger.

This program has already raised more than $18 million dollars since it began back in 2008!

1. Do Your Part

You can help get the word out so other people in the US know about this program.  Join the twEAT OUT which will be happening on Tuesday … a mass outpouring of Tweets to bring awareness of the issue and the group to others.  Sign up NOW for your tweeting tomorrow by clicking this link…


2.  Help Out by Eating Out!

And if you want to help by donating, go to the participating restaurant by you



Weekend Report: 9/5~9/7: Art Attack!

Just some ideas to consider for your weekend plans: (click pictures for website info)


Michigan Remembers 9-11 Fund's Annual Run to Remember





This Is SPARTA! (football)

Tonight is the first game of the season for the NFL!  woot woot!  Football season is upon us!  And you won’t want to miss any of the MSU games either, so



msu foot

don’t miss a thing when it comes to Spartan football!  Click this calendar to be directed to the official Spartan schedule and website, where you can buy tickets, clothing and more!   Go Green!


and click the helmet to be led to, where you can get schedules on your favorite college teams (MSU!! duh!) and pro teams alike!!

Languid Lansing Labor Days

Hey Lansing!

I didn’t put up a new blog this year about Labor Day activities, because I couldn’t find information about anything happening!

Usually this time of year we have a music festival (Michigan Mosaic) but I didn’t see any information about that; and the Dragon Boat races are coming soon but not this weekend, so I’ll be posting about that this week, and I don’t even know about the facial hair competition we had a few years back.

So…sorry there isn’t much to give you a shout out for; you can always hit one of the many taverns and bars in the area, or the fabulous restaurants we have, but so far as I know there isn’t anything majorly spectacular going on.

If there is and I missed it, I apologize.  Feel free to send me a note at, and check the calendar on the left of the blog for upcoming events as well.

Be Safe!  Play Hard! Share the Love!