MAD Monday ~ Buy Local!

This week’s Make A Difference post shouldn’t cause you too much pain.  It might tax your pocket book a little, but no more than you are used to.

This week you can Make A Difference  by shopping local!  Visit one of the many local Farmers Markets:

The Westside Farmers Market
741 North Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard
Open TODAY!  Mondays 3-7 until October
go here for more info

The Allen Street Farmers Market
1619 E Kalamazoo at the Allen Neighborhood Center
Open Wednesdays 2:30-7 until October
go here for more info

South Lansing Farmers Market
1905 W Mount Hope
Open Thursdays 3-7 till October
go here for more info

Old Town Farmers Market
E Grand River & Center St
Open Fridays 3-7
go here for more info

Or visit any of these shops, stops and locations, which support the community by offering locally grown food items, or items from local small businesses and restaurants:



Get out there and spend some bucks in Lansing, Lansing!  ;)




Turner Street Outdoor Theater Begins Tonight!



Farmer’s Market in the OT off to a good start!

There are a number of Farmer’s Markets in Lansing, where you can purchase local, farm fresh foods to enjoy at your home.  One of the newest Markets making the scene is in Old Town.

The Old Town Farmer’s Market just started up a few weeks ago, and while the booths aren’t up to the double digits yet, you can still enjoy some of the best around, and some of your favorites!

Dancy’s Fancy Butter, including Pumpkin Butter!



Tindall’s Tavern Soap Company ( you have GOT to try their bug balm.  against all logic, it smells delicious!)



You all know Clint, who lost his hot dog cart in a political rally, and then had an amazing outpouring of love and financial support from the community.  Well, he was at the Old Town FM last Friday, and I expect will be there again this week, so come out and get some dogs!



All of these vendors, plus fresh produce, teas, other restaurant vendors and more!  So come check out Lansing’s newest market on Fridays …





MAD Monday: bikes and bagged lunches

OK Lansing do-gooders, I have two volunteer ops for you today.

Easy Peasy  :

Help out the League of Michigan Bicyclists distribute biking safety packets.  The LMB helps get important safety tips and rules to bikers, hoping to prevent accidents and injury, and to encourage more people to get out and bike!  You can help out by:  getting involved with the office end of affairs …


or by being an advocate …

who reaches out to people on the Lansing River Trail to encourage them to take the pledge listed here.


Lemon Squeezy:

Maybe paperwork and bike trails aren’t quite your thing?

How about volunteering at the Cristo Rey community kitchen?  Offering hot breakfasts and sack lunches throughout the week, the Cristo Rey kitchen staff could sure use your help.  Click below to find out how…




New! Luv Lansing Calendar of Events…

So for about a million years now I’ve been wanting to add a calendar to this site.  It seems like I leave myself a note to do a blog about an upcoming event, and then forget, or lose my slip, or time eats away at my brain like a zombie, and I miss the event.


So I’ve done a couple of things to try to circumvent this issue:

1. If you haven’t noticed before, on the left side of this blog is a “Links” section.  There are several static connections  to active websites that give information about events and activities in the Lansing area.  For example, the Downtown Lansing group, and Spartan athletics and sports are linked to, as well as Old Town activities and that sort of thing.  If you are ever in need of something to do, meander over to that area and explore those Luv Lansing Links.


2. At the top of this blog are pages, which I will add to and improve upon as time (or discipline, really) allows.  I can smoosh in more links at a time in the pages, so you will find multiple connections to restaurants, entertainment venues, that sort of thing by browsing through the pages.


3. There is now a link to a Calendar of Events.  I’m trying to get an actual calendar up on here so you can just immediately see what’s going on, but it hasn’t been successful so far.  Hey, I never claimed to be either a rocket scientist or an IT guru.  Hopefully I can figure the calendar trick out, but if not, you just have to hit below the link “Luv Lansing Calendar” to be taken to the events calendar, via Yahoo.  It will stay just below whatever image I have up…


4. If you should have any activities or events that you want posted on the luvlansing calendar here, please let me know.  I can add your event on through whichever website you have chosen (EventBrite, American Towns calendar, etc).  Just drop me a line at


Concerts in the Park(s)

2014 Concerts in the Park

Just found this website with the fab list of concerts in parks around the area.  Sorry I couldn’t post it sooner, and hope you all were able to catch the concerts that already happened in June.  If not, catch the rest that are coming!

And today hit Ruetter Park across from the Downtown Library for the concert series kickoff during lunch!


Photo: Wednesday Lunchtime Concert Series! begins this Wednesday July 9th 11:45am-1:30pm Mighty Medicine Band. We are so excited to kick off this summer's music at Reutter Park! Meet Me at the Fountain Every Wednesday July-August!

and more concert info here from the Ingham County Parks

Common Grounds is ON, people!

Common Ground is going on NOW!

Hope you’ve carved loads of time into your schedule this week…click below to find out who is playing where!




Zoo Days at Potter Park!



Don’t miss out on Potter Park Zoo’s Zoo Days!  Today and tomorrow…



Restaurant Week!

Hey Lansing, this is Restaurant Week!


I mean, yes, we always have restaurants.  And lots of good ones at that.  So you can go to a great restaurant in Lansing any week of the year!  BUT: if you’ve ever wanted to try a restaurant around Lansing, this is the time to do it!   For $25.00,  participating restaurants offer you a three course meal (some restaurants make the 25.00 fee good for a COUPLE!).  This allows you to try a new restaurant, get wide range of dishes for a flat fee, and the chefs in the area get a chance to show off their culinary chops!  On top of that, 10% of the proceeds of Restaurant Week go toward the Lansing Food Bank, so EVERYONE benefits from your dinner!

This does require a little work from you, though.  You have to go to this site…RW  check out the restaurants that are participating, and give them a call to make a reservation.  Once you are there, they provide you with the Restaurant Week Special Menu, and off you go!

And don’t forget, 10% of the proceeds go to the Greater Lansing Food Bank!


MAD Monday~ Get Your Gloves On (again!)

We live in an age of electronica: cell phones in our pockets, GPS guides in our glove compartments, digitized voices coming from nowhere telling us where to turn at the next light, and a constant barrage of communication on little devices that would cripple us should they become lost somewhere.  All of these things can be important, but can drain us if we don’t take some time out once in a while.

One way to recharge YOUR battery is by getting your hands dirty;  literally.  The Robert Busby Memorial Garden in Old Town is just about complete, but there are still hundreds of plants that need to be tucked in.  Get up close and personal with the earth for a little while, and reboot your internal hard drive.  This activity takes place tomorrow from 4-6 pm, so come out with your gardening gloves ready for action.  For information call 517.485.4283.

Love the idea of playing in the dirt and want a chance to do more of it?  Check out these other volunteer opportunities  for more ideas and inspiration…




Not feelin’ the call to hang outside in the hot/rainy/muggy atmosphere?  (whichever it chooses to be, I don’t really want to commit since it’s Lansing and all….)

…you can still help out your favorite charities by staying inside and enjoying a good movie!  July 7-9 is the grand opening of the new Regal Cinemas in the Lansing Mall.  As a celebratory kick off, certain movies during these days are only $2.00, with $2.00 popcorn to boot!  And proceeds from these shows go to local charities, such as:

July 7:  The Greater Lansing Food Bank!

July 8:  Ele’s Place!

July 9:  Junior Achievement!

This could be the easiest volunteer job you do all year, so get out and sit on your butt, and help some others out while you do!