Languid Lansing Labor Days

Hey Lansing!

I didn’t put up a new blog this year about Labor Day activities, because I couldn’t find information about anything happening!

Usually this time of year we have a music festival (Michigan Mosaic) but I didn’t see any information about that; and the Dragon Boat races are coming soon but not this weekend, so I’ll be posting about that this week, and I don’t even know about the facial hair competition we had a few years back.

So…sorry there isn’t much to give you a shout out for; you can always hit one of the many taverns and bars in the area, or the fabulous restaurants we have, but so far as I know there isn’t anything majorly spectacular going on.

If there is and I missed it, I apologize.  Feel free to send me a note at, and check the calendar on the left of the blog for upcoming events as well.

Be Safe!  Play Hard! Share the Love!

One Book, One Community ~ MARCH

If you missed the One Book, One Community lecture/talk earlier this week ……  don’t fear!  There are still plenty of ways you can participate in this yearly event.

One Book, One Community is an annual event that brings students and residents in the Lansing/East Lansing community together over a chosen read.  Incoming students and locals are encouraged to read the year’s chosen literature and to participate in discussions or a variety of other events based on the book, or with a similar theme.

This year’s selection is “March: Book One” by U.S. Congressman John Lewis.



The discussion of his book was held on Monday, but you can still catch the discussion…

* The event will be recorded and rerun on East Lansing’s government Channel 22 (WELG) on Sundays and Mondays at noon and 8 p.m. from Aug. 31- Sept. 29. The recording will also be made available to borrow at the East Lansing Public Library, 950 Abbot Road, beginning Friday, Aug. 29.

For a full schedule of OBOC happenings go here




MAD Monday: Food banks for critters and sitters!

MAD Monday Opportunities as of 08/25/14

MAD Help #1

Economic times have been rough, and all kinds of people have had to cinch in their spending belts to accommodate for the changes in life during this financially challenging time.  But many people hit during this time have a harder time getting back on their feet.  Maybe they have lost their home during a flood or fire, have an ailing parent to take care of and simply can’t keep up with all the financial burdens on them.  The Ingham County Animal Control Outreach program understands and wants to help, and you can be a part of that.

The program groups help deliver food and shelters to owners who are struggling so they can keep their pets healthy and well during the difficult times they are going through.  Because when you lose your job and your home, you don’t want to lose your best friend too.  Help deliver needed supplies to these pet owners by contacting the outreach group through this VolunteerMatch link.


MAD Help #2

You can help out on the people side of this as well by assisting the Greater Lansing Food Bank in their 9/11 Day of Service Project.  Join others in your community as you sort and box up food for families that are in a time of need.  This is a great way to remember the events of 9/11 and the communal bonding that went on throughout our country over that tragedy, while reaching out to those in the community who have needs in the here and now.  If you’d like to be a part of this, you can find out more through



Rally at the Capitol! Pride



Pride rally at the Capitol today and activities all day long.  Click above for more information!

Weekend Report: Finally, a Sun Dried Summer (8/21-24)

Weekend Report:

  • This weekend is Mason’s Sun Dried Music Fest.  You won’t want to miss out on the end of summer festivities, music, and food.  Check them out at their Facebook page by clicking below…

Mason Sun Dried Music Fest




  • You can also hit Williamston’s weekend festivities which include free movies, a summer concert series, and video game blow-out.  And while you’re there, visit the shopping district and the Antique Market in Williamston.




And East Lansing’s Farmers Market is every Sunday through October, so get your fresh goods while you are out this weekend!


For more weekend ideas, see MLive’s article

Lansing Top 5: Eat-A-Palooza at Lansing Lugnuts, Mason Sun Dried Music Fest, and more





MAD Monday ~ Gettin’ MAD at the arts, and Floodin’ the world

MAD Monday Option #1

Perhaps you are an artist, or enjoy artistic expression, or just like the people that like art!

If so, maybe you should consider being a Docent for  MICA (Michigan Institute for Contemporary Art).   To find out more visit the gallery image here




MAD Monday Option #2


If the art gallery world is moving too slowly for you, how about getting involved with New World Flood?


image from

This active group of guys is bent on betterment, and intent on making service a household word again. New World Flood


You can contact them to find out about getting involved by hitting the logo, or the image to get to their homepage




or if you want to contribute to their vision financially, step over to this one  and lay some money down for the good deed of your choice!




A convoy of classics is heading through town, celebrating old style travel in old style cars.  If you are a vintage car buff, interested in historical happenings, or just like staying busy with different things to do, check out the vintage car show this week!

The Old US 27 Motor Tour hits Lansing during its five day stretch on WEDNESDAY.  This eight year old event begins in Indiana and treks through several cities en route to Cheboygan,  but you can catch all the entertainment right in DeWitt on Wednesday.  Hundreds of people participate in this event, driving their classic beauties in celebration of the good ole days;  so bring your hunnie and your camera and stop by to see all the fun!    For info and the proposed itinerary, go here…



So at this point, if you haven’t gone to the Renegade Festival, you have missed the food trucks.

good bites ballin ass


 DSCF9516    DSCF9488DSCF9509            DSCF9505  DSCF9496     BUT  You still have plenty of time to enjoy the performances in Old Town…as well as the shopping!

DSCF9523   DSCF9532   


DSCF9482   DSCF9476

Weekend Report: 8.15~8.17

Weekend Report for the dates: 8.15-17

Tonight!  Don’t Tread on Thursdays!

Head downtown tonight to catch the new haps at Tavern on the Square.  Cozy up in the snuggly environment inside (especially during this wacky cool summer!) and dig this weekly showcase that features electronic music, live DJs, and of course food and drink specials.




Turner Street Outdoor Theatre

If you’ve missed the whole series of outdoor movies in Old Town, you have one more chance to cash in on the action.  Friday August 15th is the final showing, which starts at 10pm; but you can come at 9pm and enjoy the live music!  Be there or…be waiting another year for the next round!  ;)




38th Annual Corn Roast!

Featuring…CORN!  Well, who doesn’t love it?  Get all the corn you could want in a variety of menu options, PLUS enjoy music and entertainement (Frog & the Beeftones +), participate in a blood drive, run a 5K, and have fun with the kids in the children’s fun area.  This fun event is all weekend,  run by the St. Casimir Parish.  Not sure where/what that is?  Check here for more information…


ArtFeast! in Old Town:

The Renegade Theatre Festival is this weekend, and this year the festival is matched up with an art fair (10am-6pm), a sidewalk sale type thing, and food trucks (1pm-4pm).  If you missed your copy of the City Pulse, go find it.  There is a complete section of the theatre programs that will be running, and it pulls out easily to help you find the venue you are interested in!  Or for info, click below




The Grand Art Market

This weekend (Saturday and Sunday) visit the Lansing City Market for the 4th annual Grand Art Market.  Live music and entertainment, artists, specialties, food and lots of fun to see and buy.  Need a little more info? Click below




Food Court: Detroit Frankie’s!

Lansing, you HAVE to check out the new FOOD COURT in town!  Located on the corners of Cedar and Saginaw where the Arby’s used to be ~ right across the street from Rally’s and A&W’s.

For quite a little while now, I have been driving by and I’d see this tent out, offering pizza in 3 minutes.  “Hmmm,” I’d think to myself.  “That’s cool!”DSCF9367

Well, yesterday my sister and I couldn’t wait any longer; especially because a flashing sign said “FOOD COURT”, drawing us to it like bugs led to a zapper.  Two or three other food trucks were there as well, so it’s finally time to sample!!



Detroit Frankie’s Wood Fired Brick Oven had tables all laid out with a plethora of pizza boxes, filled with varying kinds of pizza wonder; but as he was slow at that particular time, he offered to make us something fresh!

DSCF9364Frankie has pre-set options for you (like the #8 – “From the Islands”, with ham, pineapple, bacon and banana peppers).  But you can always just order a pizza the way you want it.

And you know you are getting the freshest ingredients, because of this story:  we ordered a half and half: 1/2 From the Islands and 1/2 pepperoni, with banana peppers and basil.  “Well,” says Frankie, “can’t do basil.  It didn’t make it through the night”.

Duly impressed by his topping standards, I had him throw on some fresh mozzerella instead (well, come to think of it; he suggested it!)

A few minutes later Frankie waves and me and says “C’mere”, leading me over to the oven and letting me get right up in it so I could snatch a picture for this entry.



How beautiful is this fella!?

I think I loved the pizza as much as I loved Frankie, who was friendly and laid back, and a kind of guy you think you might want as your best friend.

DSCF9380 - Copy            DSCF9373


The pizza itself was delish, and I’m definitely headed back for more, but the atmosphere was pretty great, notching the whole experience up even further.  Outdoor picnic table, beautiful sun pouring down on your head, and a proper slice of pie!  What’s not to love?

To find out more about Frankie’s fabulousness, visit him on Facebook by clicking the slice above.

But if pizza doesn’t tickle your tastebuds, other food trucks are starting to pick up out at the FOOD COURT as well, such as…

Turkeyman!  DSCF9349 Turkeyman has been in a variety of locations, and you can find out where they will be next by clicking this picture to get to their Facebook page…









The staff is super friendly and helpful, and you can smell the delicious aromas when you are still parking your vehicle!



Also check out Good Truckin’ Food and follow them on Facebook to find out their times and locations…

DSCF9353               DSCF9354

Keep your eyes out for more food trucks, because I imagine this place will be hopping right soon!